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Henry Metal // Henry Metal V

Henry Metal is ready with their fifth release, «Henry Metal V».

The whole record starts off with a song called Consecrate which is a great intro to the record. I love the solo that takes the song into a whole new direction at the 2:50 mark.

With Henry Metal you will find an honest and in your face sound. This is metal as metal should be. Even though many don’t like to admit it, Metal and opera isn’t that far from each other and it seems like Henry Metal knows this. The whole record is theatrical and the listener gets grabbed by the hair and pulled around for a journey in the world of Henry Metal.

When we reach track number 3, Where the Dumbasses Roam we move from the classic metal and end up in a Meatloaf and Blink 182 mash-up, with strong elements of classic rock, but without losing their sound and structure from the other tracks.

When listening to this record I can find elements from Mötley Crüe, Metallica, Slipknot, Sixx:AM and even Meatloaf as mentioned earlier. And I love it. The storytelling is simply astonishing and Henry Metal has really done well with this one.

My favorite track on this record has to be “2 Chicks”. A cool song with cool lyrics and a diverse structure that makes the whole track interesting from start to finish.

Henry Metal is a relatively new band, but has already put out 5 (!!) records, so if I were you, I would check out their whole catalog. NOW!

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