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The Bleeding Obvious // The Last Thought

The first thing that hits me when I first heard The Last Thought by The Bleeding Obvious is Christmas, Disney and Musicals. Some of my favorite things in the world!

The song has an extremely cozy and good vibe to it. The lyrics fits the music and the music fits the lyrics. The whole song brings out emotions that most definitely have a home around Christmastime.

One thing that becomes clear as you listen to the music of The Bleeding Obvious is that genres are meant to be broken. There is a lot of playfulness in her music and she is not afraid to experiment with both genres and how songs are built. Something that shines through with “The Last Thought”.

The only little remark I possible can have regarding this track is that, in my personal opinion, it could be cool if they used a harmonica at the 1:44 mark. That being said, the song works perfectly and I can imagine couples enjoying this song in a live setting. I would love to see this song on a stage.

Listeners can buy it on MP3, embed and stream at as well as on Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon MP3, Spotify.

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