Black Bluebirds // Love Kills Slowly

Gene Simmons may say that rock n roll is dead. I can be partially right. I don’t think the world of rock n roll can generate as much money as it did back in the day, at least not for the artist. But the upside is that the ones that go out and play, write and perform rock n roll.. well, this is the men and woman who have rock n roll in their souls and the people who genuine care about the music. And therefor, the music we get today will be all in all better. The wannabees who are out for money and fame, will stick to other genres. Rock N Roll is for the ones with music in their heart and soul. So, Mr. Simmons. NO! Rock N Roll is most defiantly NOT dead!

Hailing from Minneapolis, Black Bluebirds are out with their song “Love Kills Slowly”. It’s a mid-tempo rock song with a vocal hook that hit’s you right off the bat. I love that they don’t have all male vocals, the woman who comes out in the chorus lifts the song to a new level and breaks the pattern of what to expect next in the song. It’s a cool way to get the listeners attention.

I especially love the sound of the drums in this production. Hard hitting, hints of Alice Cooper drummer Eric Singer in the 90’s. The effects on the vocals all the way through the track is cool, and works great with the female vocals in the chorus.

All in all this is a great song and it’s a fresh breath of air in the world of music. Check out their website:

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