Ranzel X Kendrick // What A Pretty Day

Ladies and gentlemen, today I have the perfect sunday track for you. A cool and classy track by Ranzel X Kendrick. The artist name itself is a bit unique one could say, but in the age of Google, a unique artist name is half the battle, so kudos to you! This track is a laid-back, cool and impressive duet. I gotta say, I love the vibe and the lyrics are something worth listening to. We should all take a moment and live or life this way. The vocals on this track is so amazing and captivating that you can help smiling when listening to the track. The chemistry between Ranzel X Kendrick and featured artist Rebecca White is what I would say fall under the category; Magic! I have been listening to this song the whole weekend and I gotta say, it made each the weekend a string of pretty days.

Be sure to check out the song on Spotify now and check out the upcoming album "Texas Sagebrush" where "What A Pretty Day" is featured.

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