Natalie Jean & Levi Moore // The Letting Go

The Letting Go is a new song from Natalie Jean and Levi Moore, a pop/country song with great lyrics out February 14th 2018!

This is a great production and well composed song with well written lyrics. This is a perfect Valentine’s Day song!

Natalie Jean is an award winning singer and songwriter. She operates in a wide range of genres and have been releasing music and performing for years. Her latest album “Haiti Mwen Renmenw” was released July 14th last year.

Levi Moore is a guy you should keep your eye on. He was nominated in the Modern Country category at the Josie Music Awards last year. In this duet with Natalie, he shines. His voice fits the song like a glove and the raw emotion he shows in this performance is simply put, amazing.

The song was co-written by Michael Peloso from New Jersey who has worked with Natalie Jean on a previous release

Be sure to check out “The Letting Go” February 14th

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