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Ben Noble // Cutting Teeth

It’s Saturday morning, I wake up, I get a cup of coffee and sit down on my deck. The sun is slowly starting to smile up on the sky and it’s quiet. Oh so quiet. I put on my headset and I put on Cutting Teeth by Ben Noble and the morning is perfect. This song is not one of the best, it is the best track I have gotten on my desk in 2018!

Already in the first few seconds of the song I know that this is what I have been waiting for. The sound of the guitar is so crisp and clear, the vocals are placed perfectly within the song and the talent behind this song becomes clear within the first verse.

The live version of the song is a bit different than the recorded one, but not in any way less perfect. It sounds like it could be to different songs in many ways, but the feeling and the core of the song is the same in both versions. I can’t decide which one is my favorite, so I encourage you to check them both out for yourself.

I am a fan. I’m so glad that I got this song on my desk. I have already started listening to the whole record “Whisky Priest” and I love it. The way Ben Noble sings and tells a story is amazing and unique. This is an artist I would love to see live and if you have the chance, I recommend that you go to one of his shows! But first.. buy his music! It’s not an everyday event to come across an artist like this. We need artists like this in the world, so buy his music, buy tickets to his shows and make sure that we get to hear more from Ben Noble in the future. I have a feeling that this guy is one of the ones that will stick around for a long time!

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