The Bleeding Obvious // Spectrum

This time around I have a cool treat for you guys. This is a brand new EP with alternative versions of songs from the two first releases from The Bleeding Obvious.

To understand and fully appreciate this record, I thought that I needed to know the original mixes and versions of the songs. It’s a cool thing to hear the difference but to be honest, this record can hold its own and stand on its own feet without problem.

We, who have been in this business for more than 20 years have seen trends come and go. Just as in most aspects of business and even life in general. That’s why I love it when I come across artists who have something to say. It’s clear to me that, it’s actually bleeding obvious (pun intended) that this is music with a purpose. More often than not, this is not the case today. The Bleeding Obvious is a breath of fresh air in all ways possible and even if the original mixes and versions are amazing, it’s a whole new bag when the EP “ Spectrum ” comes around.

I like that we get to hear these versions and I love the fact that it’s so diverse in style. With no rules or regards to what’s normally accepted, The Bleeding Obvious shows us that music is more than background noise, it’s more than a commercial product designed to bring in astronomical amounts of dollar. Music is communication. Music is love. Music is a revelation. Music is comfort. Music is sadness. Music is happiness.

Music is life.

The Bleeding Obvious reminds us of this. Let’s not forget. Let’s take care of artists who have something to say. Check out The Bleeding Obvious and the record Spectrum.

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