Dynamos // Stainless

This is the second time around I get a song from this awesome group. This time around it’s even more energy, it’s more punch and it’s simply put more of everything!

The song starts off with the drums. As an old drummer myself, I can’t begin to describe how much that warms my heart. It’s not just that it’s the drums, it’s the sound of the drums. When everything else kicks in, it’s the same thing. The share sound of it all is beautiful. This track is so well produced that it sound great even on my worst speakers. So you can imagine that my Friday peaked pretty high when I turned this on 11 on my Bose system.. Oh my god. This is a party in every note, every tone and every sound!

This is what I easily could call a super-group. The bass and drums are tight like a foundation should be, the lead guitarist (the guitar work in general actually) kills it and plays some licks that makes even a guy like me wanna dance. Then there is the vocals. It’s hard to deny that this girl has some talent. She has an energy and a sound to her voice that most only dare to dream about. This truly is a gift that comes but once every so often.

I can’t wait to see where these guys end up. My guess? The sky is the limit.

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