MARIUS BILLGOBENSON // Show Me the Way to Shine

April 26, 2018


This song starts off as soft as silk and his voice and even his accent creates an amazing atmosphere from the get go. I know it’s stated that Marius Billy is world music meets jazz, but I can also hear some country music in here. Both in the lyrics and the build of the song. I do believe Mr. Billy just found a new fusion style.


One of the most important things on a record is the sound. The general sound. With this record the producer has found the perfect sound for this music and it’s what I would call a perfect fit! The vocals are produced amazingly and the backbone, bass, drums and rhythm is spot on.


The lyrics are amazing as well. It’s a positive vibe all through the song and I think there is too little of this kind of happiness. We should all think a bit more about ways to shine and create love in the world.


Just to show you how nice of a guy this man is, listen to this: "Through his work as the director of Afrique Profonde, a non-proft organization striving to preserve the traditional culture and human rights of Pygmies in the Republicof Congo and the Congo Basin Rainforest, he has been able to achieve comprehensive archival research as well as programs in eco-tourism, artist residency, and advocacy, also establishing successful communications Marius Billgobenson between governments, NGOs, and international communities."


Let’s make each other shine and spread love and hope to all!

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