Djo Life // French Cigarettes

May 2, 2018


What if I told you that there is a one-man band out there who mixes pop, electronica and with a touch of psychedelic? Well, there is!! Djo Life is a surprising breath of fresh air.


The video has a cool concept and it’s both funny and well done. The song itself is a great piece of art and it is the kind of song that can lift your spirit in a heartbeat. The story is inspired by the time Djo Life spent some time in France as a student and met a girl.


The production of the track is unique and it fits the song perfectly! The story is the main drive force in this one I have to say that the vocal work helps the story forwards and everything seems to fall into place.


All in all this is a great song, performed with heart and soul. For me, personally, I’m hooked right from the start. The synth intro is nothing less than a stroke of genius.


Check it out now!

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