Major Moment // Before It's Too Late

August 9, 2018


WE ARE BACK! After a quick break having babies, doing radio, TV and other cool stuff. Act/One is back and we found out that we needed to kick it off with a bang! And trust me. This is the perfect return!


“Major Moment” is a Boston based, multi-cultural band that seem to pay no attention to the boundaries of genre and the restrictions that brings with it. And I love it. When I first pushed play on the track “Before It’s Too Late” I immediately fell in love. The track starts off with a space/industrial, almost horror movie-like intro that brings you right into a simple and melodic guitar driven intro. The melody is so brilliant that it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


The verses of this song are both light and dark at the same time. I know, how can it be light and dark at the same time? Well let me explain. Much like Nine Inch Nails, “Major Moment” has mastered the art of having the instrumentation directing the emotion of the song and having a vocal melody on top to balance it out (if that makes sense?). It might seem simple, but trust me. It’s not. I am way beyond impressed.


A great song needs to have something that drives it forward. There has to be some kind of force that brings you from intro, to verse to the chorus and so on.  This is something many bands and artists forgets or pay little attention to. “Major Moment” delivers in a big way. There is a natural progression throughout the song and the verse is designed to bring you to and lift the chorus and take the whole song to the next level. This is impressive songwriting!


At the end of the song we are brought back to the start and the loop is complete.


This is without a doubt one of the best tracks I have heard this year. I love discovering new bands that just blows you away from the get go. I can’t recommend these guys enough. Check out “Major Moment” NOW!



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