J.E.F.F II // Sleepless

September 11, 2018

There is one huge challenge in the music industry these days. That challenge is to create something new and fresh. To be able to do so, you have to create something from your heart, you have to have faith in your talent and a clear vision of what you want to put out there. This is something most artists today are missing. More often than not the main motivation is money and fame. To be honest, I can’t blame them, but my lord how refreshing it is when I come across an artist who actually brings something new to the table.


J.E.F.F II is one of the few new artists who actually have the talent, vison and capability to do something new. With the track “Sleepless” he creates a whole new sound and combines punk, pop, electronica, rock and EDM into a single track. I love it!


The main drive force here is the beat and it knocked me off my feet. When you add a few guitar licks that might as well could have been done by Eric Johnson, DJ Ashba or Eddie Van Halen, you have 4:29 minutes of magic.


I don’t think words can do this song justice, so here it is… J.E.F.F II with the song “Sleepless”:




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