Trio of Awesuhm // Nevertheless

Off the album “cowboys&aliens” from Trio of Awesuhm we get the single “Nevertheless”. This album is a creation of love, passion and talent. The cornerstone is without a doubt “Nevertheless”. This song is a anthem, this song is a mantra, this song is what the world needs.

Their sense of melody and riffs are on the level of artists like Elton John and Loretta Lynn with the punch of Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. A killer combo. The result speaks for itself.

This song was written in the spring of 2017 and was inspired by an interview with Carl McNair, the brother of Ron McNair, one of the seven crew members aboard the space shuttle Challenger who tragically exploded in 1986. This interview ignited a spark and the story of human strength and persistency. This is the story that lets us know that we shall prevail when we persist.

The guitar riff that starts off the song keeps sliding in and out of the song and once you have heard it, it’s stuck inside your head. This is pretty close to the perfect riff/hook. The vocal work is right up there with what Simon and Garfunkel did on the album “Bridge Over Troubled Water” from 1970. Many have tried, but no one has ever come close to copy that sound, the harmonies and melody. In my book, Trio of Awesuhm comes pretty close.

Check em’ out!

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