Sawyer // Soul City

So.. Today we have a treat for you guys. Most likely my favorite record this year! Sawyer and the

EP «Soul City» will most definitely go down in history as one of the best debut records of all time. When I write about new music I like to sit down and just listen to the whole record at least one time before starting to write. When I sat down and pushed play on this record, I was sold from the first few seconds of «You Never Know».

As most of you already know I am a huge fan of albums or

EP's where there is a theme throughout the record. I love it when the songs work on their own two feet as well as a part of the whole. This is something Sawyer has accomplished in a big way with this record. The sound can be said to be many things, but for me it's a crossover between Motown Records, The Gaslight Anthem, Gavin DeGraw, Sam Cooke and Bruce Springsteen. I find it hard to put a label on this band and in my book, that's one hell of a compliment.

The second track on the EP is also the first single these guys released, «Sleep». A well written rock n roll tune with clear references to the happy days of the 1960s.

«Hey DJ!» Got me thinking about Buddy Holly and one of the things that hit me right away was the guitar work. All the songs on this record has a great guitar sound, but with «Hey DJ!» It comes to its right in a big way. The guitar sound complimenting the bass and drum sound and finds it's place in the bigger picture and creates an unique sound to the song. The last track on the record is the amazing «Down Motown». As the title says, Motown is a clear influence here. Many have tried but most have failed to re-create the sound, the atmosphere and the talent. Well, Sawyer knocks this one out of the park.

To say I am impressed is an understatement. I never thought, in this day and age, that I would ever feel this way just listening to a song. These guys took me on a journey, and I am hoping that this journey never stops. The vocal work on this record is so amazing that words can't even begin to explain how impressed I am. There is a truth in his voice that can't be faked and his voice control is unbelievable! After 4-5 times listening to the record back-to-back, I am even more impressed. This IS the best record of the year! Regardless of genre or style. Well done! So...

If there is one advice you guys should take. CHECK THIS RECORD OUT!

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