Muenster // Message

December 18, 2018

There are two kinds of artists. The ones who are here to entertain and there are those who has something to say. Only a few artists in the world successfully combine the two. Muenster is one of the few.


“Message” is a heavy track with a dark undertone and an almost aggressive approach to the vocal performance. The timing, the natural flow and the pure talent this artist possesses is rare and the funny thing is that it seems almost effortless. When you add lyrics with some depth and meaning the result is dynamite.  Abuse of power is without a doubt a problem in our society and it’s a hard topic to handle, but “Message” is one of the few tracks I have heard who doesn’t go off into the absurd and ends up doing more harm than good. This is the perfect balance and the choice of words is magic.


Without a doubt an important track and a great track this late in the year. More often than not, songs of this quality don’t show up on my desk this late in the year. So thank you for the music!


Check out the video here:



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