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January 7, 2019

If there is one thing I admire its dedication. Yovanni proves that he is one to admire in a big way with his track “Breathe”. As a kid, Yovanni moved to Florida from Cuba and later on he ended up in New York chasing his dream.. Music.


It hasn’t been easy and at one point he almost ended up living on the streets, but his heart and his talent was too big to be beaten down, so he kept pushing and working. Thank god. As a result we, the music lovers of the world can enjoy his music.


With songs like “Milky Way” and “I Want You” Yovanni proved his talent, his ability to write catchy and fresh tunes. His passion for his music shines through each and every note and I can’t help but smiling when listening to his music. This is a guy who really feels the music and has a unique way of performing it for the world to enjoy.


“Breath” is the track that ended up on my desk a few days ago, and this is a track that has been spinning in my house, car and office for days. It has the complexity of a Queen song, the production quality of a Madonna track and a performance at the level of artists like George Michael and A-ha.

This track is in my opinion the best Yovanni track and here is why:

  1. His vocal gets the room it deserves.

  2. The production of the song is 100% perfect for the song

  3. It is the most heartfelt song I have heard in a long time!

This is the 3 most important ingredients to why I think that this track could (and should) elevate Yovanni to the next level. I can’t wait to follow this amazing artist on his journey.


Please check out his music on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2MLQ2LELOGUokqVw03YYvZ


And don’t forget to check out this amazing video for “Breathe”:



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