Sone87um // Hallelujah

January 10, 2019


Music is a great thing. A song can make you smile, cry, laugh and the list goes on. Writing music is a whole new ballgame. Writing music opens up an extra layer and can be both healing and therapeutic at a whole new level, at least that’s how I see it. A result of using music to get your life back on track you can end up with some amazing music. This is the case with Sone87um.


After checking out his new track “Hallelujah” it’s fair to say that this guy has a talent way beyond his streams or followers (since this apparently is the way to measure an artist’s fame these days).  This is a guy who deserves to be on every stereo, headphones and computers around the globe.

After a few bad decisions (I assume), he ended up spending some years in prison, 13 to be exact. For what? I have no idea and I don’t wanna know, it’s in the past and the future is bright as the day. His future is music!


The track starts off with an amazing beat and a hook that sets the tone for what is to come. The piano riff is amazing, simple but genius. When the vocals kicks in, the song elevates into some next level s**t. His rhythm, timing and phrasing is off the hook! I can’t think of any “new” artist in the last 5-6 years who can make the words flow this great. The lyrics is raw, brutal and it hits you in the face like a knockout-punch.


All I can say about Sone87um is this: check him out and give him the support and love he deserves. I do not want to see this amazing talent go to waste!

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