Thuggizzle // Get Cha Hustle Up

January 21, 2019


So.. Where to start. Today we are checking out Thuggizzle and his track “Get Cha Hustle Up” and let me tell you right now. This is a track you should put on your playlist ASAP.


Growing up, Phillip Hodge AKA Thuggizzle didn’t have much. He and his sisters ended up in a Children’s Home at an early age and he struggled with anger and was on the fast track to a life on the streets. That all changed when a staff member at the Baptist Children's Home sat him down and had THE talk with him. This moment was the starting point of a new way of life and his focus shifted to his music.

It’s hard not to get effected by a story like this and sadly this is not a unique story, at least not the beginning. What makes his story unique is his ability to change. His ability to see a future when the path may be dark and hard to see. His ability to go for his dreams and not giving up.

I am so happy that things turned out great and by the looks of it, the story is far from over and it seems to get brighter and brighter for each day.


So.. This leads us to the track “Get Cha Hustle Up”. One of the things Thuggizzle is known for is his freestyle talent as well as his great writing talent. To be able to even do freestyle you need to be a wordsmith. To be great or even excellent at it, you will have to possess a gift. And trust me, Thuggizzle is blessed with a gift and he knows how to maximize it to the fullest. On top of that his writing skills proves his talent goes way beyond the freestyle-genre.


The track is well produced and especially the vocal has a crisp and “in-your-face” sound that fits the track perfectly.  The beat is off the hook and it keeps the listener interested throughout the song. There are some cool elements where money is the key. It’s like if you did a remix of 50 Cent and Pink Floyd, only better. Another cool thing in this track is the hook. The use of horns in this track is one of the small details that really make this track stand out in the crowd. It is placed perfectly in the sound and this is one of the things that will be stuck in your head for days!! (trust me.. I can’t get this song out of my head!)


That being said, there is no doubt what the strongest point of the song is. The vocal work and the lyrics. The timing and the phrasing is so perfect that a B-side mix with just the vocals would be an amazing track itself. His way with words impresses me in a big way. It's more than impressive that he can freestyle  music right off the head, one time through, no punch ins or going back to fix it. That's insane! 


All in all this is without a doubt THE BEST track of 2019 (this far)… I can’t recommend it enough, so please check it out now!




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