Love Ghost // Mr. Blue

February 26, 2019

Love Ghost is an alternative rock band just returned from a successful tour of Ireland and are ready for a 10-date tour of Japan in March.


This is their newest track “Mr. Blue”. With this track the band has a clear underlying pop-tone, without losing their sound and identity. I love the fact that this band seems to find ways to explore and expand their sound without compromising their identity. With tracks like “Girl Punisher” and (my personal favorite) “Parasitical Identity “, Love Ghost has claimed their place on the rock n roll stages of the world and rightfully so.


“Mr. Blue” is without a doubt a new favorite! The lyrics are amazing and well written. This is the story about finding your place in the world and at the same time struggling with depression. It’s a clever, hard hitting and thought provocative track where we (the listeners) are taken on a journey through the ups and downs in an internal war. It’s fascinating and impressive.  


The track is produced by Carl Restivo (Tom Morello’s “The Atlas Underground”) and this seems to be a match made in heaven. As mentioned before, even if it’s a bit of a new direction for the band it still clearly Love Ghost and it’s still their sound. To do a maneuver like this and still keep the core, the essence of the band, well.. it’s extremely hard to do and they pulled it off. The sound fits the song perfect and (in my humble opinion), the band is one step further down the path that ultimately (and this is a fact) will lead them to the top of the food chain in our business.


There is no doubt in my mind that Love Ghost is one of the most talented, driven, ambitious and focused bands out there today.


Check ‘em out live, on the web and do what you can to support this amazing band!

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