Tia McGraff //Stubborn In My Blood

February 26, 2019

Tia McGraff is an award-winning musician, songwriter and author. This is a person where the word talent doesn’t seem to be enough. Every now and then there will pop a singer, actor or songwriter who have something special. It’s something in their DNA. Tia McGraff is one of the few with music, storytelling and showmanship in her DNA.


“Stubborn In My Blood” is already playing all over the world and this is a song with a clear message. Know where you come from, move forward and be who you are. This is the key elements in life and in the song. The lyrics are strong, important and moving.


So.. Her voice.. Tia McGraff sounds like every singer I always wanted to hear, but never heard.. or even knew I wanted to hear.. If that makes sense… Her control, sound and warmth is out of this world. I am amazed and I can’t recommend it enough!


Check it out here:



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