Brady Novotny - Redemption's Cry

March 5, 2019

Do you remember when Eric Clapton said that he just picked up a guitar and it turned out he was a guitar God? Or when Zakk Wylde spent 2 minutes in a guitar shop and walk out the door and directly onto stage with some of the world’s greatest artists?  No!? Well that is because it takes hard work, blood, sweat and tears to become a guitarist. It’s extremely hard to become as good as the best. That’s why there is a difference between Tom DeLonge and Slash.


Today I got a track on my desk that led me to think about a few of my heroes. Randy Rhoads , Ronni Le Tekro and Vinnie Vincent. This track was “Redemption’s Cry” by Brady Novotny. An amazing guitarist on the level of all of my heroes, hands down one of the biggest surprises so far this year. To be honest I hadn’t heard of Brady before and now I can’t understand why. This is talent that I thought we would never see again.


At a young age Brady was told by his guitar teacher to give it up. After one lesson. Thank God he didn’t listen to him. If this talent was to be locked away and not pushed to its potential, it would be a big loss for the world!


With the vocals from his amazing and talented wife Jennifer, “Redemption's Cry” becomes not only one of the best guitar songs this year, it is one of the best songs this year period.




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