Fitzsimon and Brogan // One Minute Every Hour

March 5, 2019

Fitzsimon and Brogan is no new act for us, but this track is. “One Minute Every Hour” is a song like songs used to be. It’s well written, well produced and extremely well performed. Fitzsimon and Brogan sees themselves as more of a studio act and this allows them to focus mainly on the music and it shows. There is a plan, an idea behind every note and the result is musical magic!


The vocal work on this track is spot on. The feel for rhythm and tone sounds effortless and natural. The storytelling ability is a 10 out of 10 and I believe every word she sings.


One of my favorite elements in this track is the string-plucking hook, it fits the song extremely well and it adds a new dimension to the track. In general there is a lot of small details, almost hidden throughout the track that shows me that Fitzsimon and Brogan leaves nothing to chance.


Check it out now:



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