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Love Stallion // Valentine

Where bands like Bon Jovi, TNT and Mötley Crüe fails to give us great new songs, Love Stallion saves the day and gives us music we love, with quality, love and passion.

There is no doubt that this is a band that grew up with the same kind of music I did. I am over my head happy that these guys came along! It’s been years since the last time I heard a power ballade that truly made me go “Ohh.. Sh**.. That was awesome!”. Well, today is the day where I can say those words and mean them!

One of the cool things about this track is that it’s mellow all the way trough. More often than not singers tend to use the slower songs to display their voices. Often in ways that doesn’t fit the song or do the song justice. This is not the case with “Valentine”. The singer has the attitude and the balls to keep it mellow and this is one of the things that makes this song one of the coolest power ballads out there. And by the way... I LOVE THE GUITAR SOLO!! Finally a guitar solo with feel, flow and passion!

In addition to being a cool song that I can listen to over and over again.. Love Stallion made an amazing video for it as well… A video you can watch again and again!! Check it out!

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