Sean Cos Mason // Feel So Good

March 5, 2019


Attitude. That one word is probably one of the most important ingredients in music business. Attitude is the one thing that separates the good and the great. Attitude is without a doubt something Sean Cos Mason got plenty of. So the foundation is there, but is enough to build on? The answer is a bigg a** YES!


His talent is only matched by the likes of Eminem, Lil Wayne and the amazing Notorious B.I.G… When it comes to flow, Sean Cos Mason is one of the best up and coming artist I have heard. EVER! The word count in some of his songs is off the hook and when you add lyrics that matters, you have it all.


“Feels So Good” is a bit different from his other tracks. If you compare it to his amazing “My World”, well it’s worlds apart. Still he manages to keep his sound and identity. When you push play, you know from the get go who the artist is. Amazing.


One of the coolest things about “Feels So Good” is the mood of the track. The hooks are kind of floating around the track and create an atmosphere that is both mesmerizing and beautiful. The way his endings often kind of keeps hanging for a bit fits the track perfectly and shows us that Sean Cos Mason has an musical understanding that will allow him to the top of the food chain in our business.


Montclair, New Jersey isn’t big enough for this guy. The world is at his feet and we all are just waiting for this guy to take over!  

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