J-Carter // Take Hip Hop Back

March 8, 2019

Ok.. ok… Hold on… This just might be the best intro to an album EVER. This is Rocky Balboa meets Pink Floyd meets Notorious B.I.G.  When the line “…you couldn’t destroy me…” hits, it hits hard. There is a sincerity and truthfulness to his execution that is surpassed by none. As the track moves along J-Carter proves (again) why people should listen. His timing and flow is amazing. If I may go technical for a minute, his phrasing, timing and sense of melody is so intricate and innovative that there is no one to compare him to. Not a single artist today could deliver a track at this level. Needless to say, I’m impressed from the get go.


This is the 3rd album within a one year period. Impressive enough. But to keep the quality and to create so many hits-to-be at album number 3… Well.. I bow my head in humble appreciation and admiration.   

One of my favorite tracks on the album is “It Keeps Raining”. One of the tracks who shows his diversity both as an artist and songwriter. The lyrics on this one is probably the reason why this one stuck with me a bit more than the others.


I have already talked a bit about hits-to-be. And when you have tracks like “No Arguments”, “Spit Fire”, the title track “Take Hip Hop Back” and the album opener “Ain’t Trap Enough”. There is no doubt. This is most likely the album of the year as far as I’m concerned.


J-Carter is without a doubt innovative, fresh and an artist that should be on every playlist in every corner of the world. I said it before and I will say it again. This is probably the album of the year and you have everything to lose if you don’t check it out.


As you guys already know, I am a sucker for a great ending to an album. The two most important tracks on a record is the first and the last (in my opinion). We already know that the first track is off the hook. So what about the album closer?


“The Society’s Dying”. Wow. This is how you end an album. Correction, this is how you end a near perfect album. The lyrics hits hard and J-Carter puts his finger on the things that truly matters in the world today. This is what music is all about.


Do the world a favor and check out the album, support the artist and do what you can to make sure that J-Carter gives us album number 4.


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