Samuel Yuri // West Song

March 8, 2019

In my youth I had one favorite movie. When I got older, this movie is still my favorite movie. The movie I’m talking about is of course “Young Guns” staring Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen (among others). In the early 90’s the sequel came out and the soundtrack was written and performed by Jon Bon Jovi. A match made in heaven (in my head at least)… That’s up until today. When I first heard Samuel Yuri and his track “West Song”, I immediately was drawn into his story, his music and his soul. This is the guy who should have done the soundtrack, not Jon Bon Jovi.


The ability to create an explosion of emotions without words is a hard task. Samuel Yuri does so in a big way with his instruments, songwriting skills and his ability to express feelings and emotions through his music.


This track is build a bit like a pop song, the structure I mean. When you add elements from folk and traditional music into the mix, you get magic. This is what songwriting is all about.


This is a talent with a capitol T. Hands down one of the most inspired and inspiring instrumental tracks this year!


Check it out:



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