Samuel Yuri // Arab Theme II: Orient Places

March 11, 2019

This is not the first (and hopefully not the last) track we review from this amazing artist. Samuel Yuri proves yet again why he is one of my all time favourite guitarists. 


With this track he display a whole new side of himself and I would say a bit heavier sound as well. “ Arab Theme II: Orient Places ” is the instrumental version of the song “Orient Places”. This is also the continuation of the song “Arab Theme I”. And this is yet another reason why I love Samuel Yuri. This is an artist with a vision and there is no doubt that he has an eye for details and as well as the big picture. 


One of the strong points in the song is that yeah, its an instrumental. Yeah its guitar based. But no.. Its not a 4 minute long guitar solo. This is intricate riffs, melodies and harmonies perfectly placed in a song that tells a story as well as gives us the opportunity to see the true talent that is Samuel Yuri. 


This is the kind of artist we should do our best to lift up and push forward in the world. This is the pure talent, the musical bright light at the end of the tunnel of this buisniss as of right now. Let's take music back to the talents and Yuri should be first in line for a push.  


Check out this amazing riff based instrumental here:



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