Alaska MC // Life Remastered

Just the other day I was sitting in my office and dreaming about the weekend to come and startet thinking. I need some music to get me through the week. And just like that, my prayers were answered and I got Alaska MC and the “Life Remastered” record on my desk!

Alaska MC provides music that spans across genres and styles. The first thing that hit me when I first pushed play is the production. From start to finish this is like a moisturizer for your soul and ears. When you add the lyrical factor, you get the edge. The combination and the contrast between the (in the lack of a better word) smooth musical sound and the edgy lyrics.. well… you get dynamite.

Another thing that becomes clear after listening to a few tracks is the ability to create amazing beats. Each and every song on the record has a unique beat and most importantly a memorable and catchy beat.

One of my favorite tracks on the record is “Everything Is You”. This is a track where elements from the EDM genre are used in a way that took me by surprise. The structure of the song creates a drive and natural need for me, the listener, to keep listening. The vocal work stands out as a blend between the eastern and western culture in a perfect harmony. It’s new, it’s fresh and it’s captivating.

When I listen to tracks like “You Know” and “Can’t Keep Running” I get an idea of the artist and the path he has chosen. But when it comes to tracks like “This Time Now” and “All This Love” (two amazing tracks by the way!) everything I thought I knew, just went out the window.

The ability to combine, crossover and create a new genre amazes me in a big way. At the same time the soul and sound if his music stays the same. The identity is intact even if the style changes. This is extremely hard to do this just proves the amazing talent that is Alaska MC!

My favorite track is without a doubt “Go Get It”. This track has it all. The beat, the vocals are amazing, the hook is simple and addictive and last but not least, a perfect track to display the amazing timing and lyrical brilliance only a few people on our planet possess. Alaska MC has won me over and given me a bunch of music to get me through the rest of the week and all the way into next week.. Or next month..

Check out the video here:

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