Ok.. ok… hold on.. Right now, right here I am giving you soundtrack to the 2019 summer. This is Dami D & SNYD!

This is without a doubt a song that will put a smile on your face, your feet moving and whole body tingling. Right off the bat I got images in my head of the summer to come and all the fun lying ahead.

The combination of a great singer and a rapper with spot on timing and a rhythm second to none is gold, as proven in this track.

The beat fits the track perfectly and the production as a whole is spot on. This is what I call a radio friendly track with hit potential. Hands down one of the greatest pop songs so far in 2019.

It doesn’t hurt that the video looks amazing and for me, the video only amplified the feeling I got when I first heard the song.

Check it out and be sure to share, download and stream the music! This IS the soundtrack of The Summer of 2019!

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