Saison Enfer // Three Seasons (EP)

All of our readers know that I am a sucker for a concept album. And you all know that I can be a bit hard on the halfway attempts and the so called concept albums with no actual concept? Well.. Today I got a copy of the brand new EP from the band Saison Enfer, called “Three Seasons”. The EP will be out April 9th and at the same time the band is headlining The Water Rats in London. So does the EP pass the ACT/ONE test? The answer is YES… This is how you do an EP record!!

The EP contains three tracks and each track tells a story that stands fine on its own, but it also works great as a whole. At least in mind.

The first track “Hex” is about a witch. Simple as that. It’s about a girl who might look a bit shy and vulnerable, but I gotta tell you.. This girl can really knock you out. Just like the song itself. The main riff is the kind of riff that gets stuck in your head and you won’t be able to get it out of your head for days. Trust me.. I speak from experience. I love the retro 70s rock style vocals combined with the modern distortion guitars, I do believe these guys just made up a brand new sound.

The second song on the EP is “Beverly”. It’s about time the bass player gets a few seconds in the spotlight and this is just what he gets. A few seconds. The whole track starts off with a bass riff before the whole band kicks after a few seconds. I like it. It’s different and it works like dynamite.

The last track is a song about is about the latter years and death of Gabriele D'Annunzio but has a real mystical side to it. “Harlot Hotel” is the strongest of the three tracks and a perfect ending to an amazing EP. The guitar solo alone is reason enough to check it out!

The theme of the record is mystique and the darker side of life. I love the contrast between music and lyrics and on this record the music, melodies and riffs constantly battles the lyrics in heavyweight championship that ends in a KO win for Saison Enfer!

Check them out on Facebook and please… PLEASE stream, download and go to their shows! This is a band we all should support!

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