The RRA // If you want me

If you mix Pink Floyd, The Beatles (in the 70s) and Nirvana… The result might be something like The RRA and their track “IF You Want Me”.

This is a daring and extraordinary song with a unique sound. The composition challenges the norms of songwriting and combines the traditional with a brand new way of thinking. And that is what music is all about.

One of the hardest things about being a musician today is without a doubt getting through to the masses. The first step to do so is to create a unique sound. A sound and a feeling that radiates you as an artist from the second the listener pushes play. The RRA has without a doubt managed to find their own path and style.

I love the fact that the traditional genre and styles are erased and all that remains is the music, the feeling and a sound.

Check it out here:

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