Addisyn Chafé // When We Fall In Love

March 25, 2019


At one point in time I almost lost faith in the music business. Artists like Addisyn Chafé is one of those artists who restores my faith and hope for a future for real music, real stories and real talent.

From the EP “LOST” I had a listen to the track “When We Fall In Love” and that’s a fitting title if I ever saw one. We (the listeners) are bound to fall in love and this is as pure, as mesmerizing and as beautiful as it can get.


Her voice alone is enough to keep me listening. Addisyn Chafé proves with her amazing voice that she is capable of more than just hold a note, she can tell a story and she can transform feelings and emotions into music.


The song itself is well written and the production fits the song perfectly. From a songwriting point of view I would say that the lyrics are probably the strongest element in the song and I only say this because the lyrics are THAT good.


For me, this track is hope. I can’t wait to follow her on her Journey to the stars…

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March 25, 2019

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