Silversage // Wake Up

Roughly once a year, I find a new song or a new artist I obsess about. “Wake Up” by Silversage is one of those tracks. This one had me from the first second and I can’t seem to get tired of it.

The story is strong, powerful and important. The storytelling ability here is off the charts and that’s a quality often missing in pop songs. That is most definitely not a problem with Silversage.

The production is extremely well done. From the beat to the vocals to the instrumentations, there isn’t a note, beat or word in this song that’s there by coincidence. A great song can collapse under a bad mix or a bad execution both musically and in the production part. “Wake Up” is done with expertice, a musical understanding second to none and with a vision. So take notes, this is how you write, produce and perform a song.

Check out the amazing video as well:

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