Leafy Satori Risk // Down Down Down - To The Wishing Well

Music is an intriguing and interesting thing. What would the world be like without music? What would life be without music? And what would music be without the ones who dare to move outside the lines and norms of what is thought of as the norm?

The answer is simple. We need artists like Leafy Satori Risk and sadly it’s few and far between artist like this, but when you are lucky enough to cross paths with artists like this, it is life changing.

The obvious and almost needles point to make here, is the vocal talent. From a technical point of view it’s flawless. And sadly, not too many people have the knowledge to fully understand just how impressive the singing is on this track. But trust me; this is a standard way beyond any of the biggest stars of today.

The cool thing about this track is the playfulness with notes and chords. The combinations of major and minor chords, blended with notes that often is thought of as a miss-match. To make it work and make it sound as beautiful as this, well.. it’s impressive to say the least.

Check it out!

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