Money Bagz // Make It Out

This is a track that truly reflects on some of the most difficult problems we face in our society today. I know it’s a eye-opener for some and I hope this track gets heard all over the nation, this is without a doubt one of the strongest lyrics written in 2019.

Money Bagz is in many ways the true American Dream. His life story differs from most and with some serious health issues early in his life; no one thought that he would travel the country as a promising young athlete. But he did. Later on he ended up hustling and discovered the gangster life and ended up doing some time for armed robbery.

When he decided to turn things around, he found music and I for one, couldn’t be happier. The amount of talent this artist possesses is way beyond your everyday rap artist. His timing, phrasing, lyrics and ability to make us listen, well it’s second to none.

“Make it Out” draws inspiration from his earlier days and the result is a genuine story with an important message. I can’t recommend this artist and this track enough, so check it out!!

Want to see a cool video? Well, look no further.. Here is the music video for “Make it Out”:

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