Ren Daversa // Cut and Dried

Ren Daversa is a singer-songwriter from the city of San Diego. My favorite city in the whole world is without a doubt San Diego (Go Padres!) and now I have a new reason to love the city so much.

I just got a hold of her track “Cut and Dried” and it took me a bit by surprise. With a Katie Melua-like quality to her voice and melodies as catchy as laughter, it’s hard not to love this artist.

One of the key elements to being an artist, or especially a singer, is the ability to tell a story, to get people to really believe in what you are singing. This is something Ren Daversa got covered, in a BIG way.

Combine the beautiful voice with a hugh dose of raw talent, and you have something special. “Cut and Dried” is one of the tracks off her debut album “Saltwater” and I recommend that you check it out as soon as possible. This is songwriting on the highest level and at the end of the day.. without a good song, you got nothing… Ren Daversa got everything! This is a hard working artist that deserves our support and love.

So check it out now!

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