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Born: January 22nd 1986
Instruments: Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano/Keyboard, Ukulele, Trumpet, Violin and six-string Banjo. 

Stig was born in a small town called Atna in Hedmark, Norway. Stig Started playing guitar and drums at the age of 4 and formed a few local bands in his early years.
In 2005 he formed the band “GUSTU” after having a minor hit with the song “Jupiter & Mars”. The song hit national radio in late 2005 and trough early 2006. Resulting in a Norwegian tour with the legendary shock-rockers “Surferosa”. The band also did shows with artists like Sondre Lerche, Karpe Diem and CC Cowboys to name a few.

Later on the band released the song “Love/Hate Collide”, making it to local radio stations in California, USA getting the band signed with 272 Records in Hollywood. The song later got released in Asia and the band did a huge tour in China in 2010. “Love/Hate Collide” made it to the top of the local Norwegian music chart “Topp 8” on NRK P1 (H/O) and was number one for 10 weeks.

After releasing the single “Next December” the band did a few shows in Norway, before the last Farwell show at Hard Rock Café in Oslo, Norway.

After 8 years in the name of rock n roll, “GUSTU” front man, Stig Gustu Larsen started recording new songs. This time it’s more pop and singer/songwriter style, with rock n roll and indie undertones. The first single, Finding Home, was released September 12th 2014, and debuted at number 9 on the Norwegian iTunes charts. Finding Home also got picked up by radio all over the world, and the first airing of the song was on 89.5 Subic Bay Radio in the Philippines. 

The follow-up “Finding Home” EP was released in November 2014. This record is a solo record in all sense of the word. Stig has done all the instruments, writing and vocals. Stig is also the producer of the record. The mix was done by Stig Gustu Larsen and Blake Eiseman and the mastering was handled by the great Colin Leonard. These two guys have a few Grammy nominations between them and worked with some of the greatest artist in the world. The EP debuted at number 5 on the iTunes album charts.

Late in 2014 and out into 2015 Stig did his first solo tour in cities like Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Hamar. Stig has also appeared at NRK, TV2,, Radio Riks and Radio Randsfjord to name a few.


In November 2015 Stig released the single "The Stars Align Tonight". The song was performed on NRK radio and TV in september 2015.


The second EP "Lifelines + Echoes" was released in October 2016 and debuted at number 1 at the Norwegian iTunes charts. All the songs on this record got air play on radio stations all over the world.

June 12th the EP "OSLO+LIVE" was released. This is a live EP, recorded at Uhørt in Oslo.


November 29th 2017 marks the date of the release of the single “Christmas Morning”, a song about being a father and a song written for his daughter Belle (who was born 6 months later).

In 2018 Stig took time off from touring and focused mostly on his newborn daughter and his family. The single "Bodies Stand Up" was released in June and debuted at number 1 at the Norwegian iTunes charts.

From January to May Stig created and co-hosted the radio show (and podcast) "Mohn & Gustu" on Radio Riks. After only two shows the podcast hit number 3 on the Norwegian iTunes charts. The show was about getting to know the human behind the artist and included guests like Chris Medina, Egil Hegeberg, Mariann Rosa, Claudia Scott and others.

In the second half of 2018 Stig did a few “The Great American Songbook” shows. ​

November 2nd Stig released his first ever cover record. "One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)" is a collection of personal favorites from the Great American Songbook. The EP debuted at number 1 at the Norwegian Jazz charts.

In 2019 Stig was a part of seson 5 of The Voice Norway @ TV2. included in 6 episodes of the season performing songs like "Bed of Roses" and "Sign of The Times".

After The Voice, Stig released the single "WE" with airplay and great reviews all over the world. 

In July 2020 Stig released his first album and it debuted at number 1 on the Norwegian iTunes album charts!

....And what the future holds, well.. Only God knows..

For more info, follow Stig @ 

Or at Instagram: Gustumusic




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2010: Love/Hate Collide (aka GUSTU) (October Party Records)

2018: LOVE X HATE - The Best of GUSTU

2020: Love, Breathe, Repeat*



2008: Riot on Sunset (Only in USA/272 Records)

2009: Det beste fra Hedmark (Only in Norway/Hedmark fylkeskommune)

2010: Norwegian Wood (Only in China, October Party Records)

2011: Sounds from the underground Vol 1 (Norway/Ovis Records)



2005: Jupiter & Mars

2009: Love/Hate Collide (USA/Norway)

2010: Love/Hate Collide (China)

2012: Losing Control

2013: Better

2013: Next December

2014: Finding Home*

2015: The Stars Align Tonight*

2017:Christmas Morning*

2018: Bodies Stand Up*

2019: Bed of Roses*

2019: Sign of The Times*

2019: Falling Slowly (with Rebecca Pettersen)*

2019: WE*  

2022: Walk On The Moon*

2023: This is My Home (FKA "WE" - Rerelease)

2023: We Run

2023: Love You Like Crazy

2023: The Lucky Ones



2005: Jupiter & Mars

2006: In The End

2009: "Love/Hate Collide"

2011: "Fading Lights"

2012: "The Last One"

2014: «Finding Home» *

2016: «Lifelines + Echoes» *

2017; "Oslo+Live (Recorded live @ Uhørt, Oslo))*

2018: One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)*

2023: Twenty Three*


* - Stig Gustu Larsen solo release

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